2018 Letter from the President – Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club

Welcome everyone to the first annual Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club event.
I would also like to welcome everyone to our part of the country that we call home.
 We appreciate everyone putting in the time and effort to make the journey to attend this event.  In addition, I would like to give special thanks to our event committee for their help in developing the events agenda and the fun contest scheduled for tomorrow. We are excited to see all of our amazing Biewers having fun and providing all of us with some laughs.
Our club signifies strength in community and a complete dedication to our four-legged family members and the Biewer Terrier breed.
We emerged less than one year ago with a handful of Biewer owners who wanted to meet each other and stay in touch. From that beginning, we already have over 70 members in our Biewer club community.
As our President, I am proud of all that we have accomplished in such a short time. Every day, I continue to be amazed at the support, encouragement and caring that the member’s give to each other. The tremendous outpouring of love, inspiration, and kindness is beyond belief. It is what sets us apart from any other Biewer Terrier club in the world! And for all the silly members, including our own president, we can be crazy ourselves within our club as we navigate through the world we live in and to watch this breed grow as we love our own Biewers and enjoy them for what they provide to us. We have become a true Biewer family in a very short time!

  • Looking back on the past 6 months, we have grown not only in members, but in knowledge, experience, and in the promotion of these dogs we all love. We have evolved from a national group of Biewer owners into an international community dedicated to the Biewer Terrier. From pets to show dogs, we embrace and advocate for our wonderful little dogs in all their roles and welcome all to join us in celebrating anything and everything Biewer.
  • We are the first Biewer club to have a complete line of Biewer shirts, totes, pillows, and accessories! We will continue to expand our store with additional clever and creative items as members request them and to continue in the embrace of our Biewer Terriers. In addition to our Club Store, we have many achievements to celebrate.
  • Our Club Chat on Facebook has become very popular and is an excellent way for members to communicate, state opinions in a safe and accepting environment, ask questions, share resources, and develop friendships. The Chat is ongoing and members have used this forum to discuss a wide variety of topics and to provide encouragement to each other. Several members report that participation in the chat is empowering, energizing, and thoroughly enjoyable.
  • The Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club Member Group FaceBook page is regularly updated with information to keep members “in the know,” archive important information, and provide resources for our members. It is typically the first contact members have with the Club, an excellent storehouse of club history, and easily accessible.
  • This year also witnessed the creation of an awesome Club brochure promoting the Biewer Terrier and our Club. It contains breed information, right down to how to correctly pronounce the breed name “Biewer,”, and showcases the versatility and magic of our dogs.
  • The medical challenges of one little Biewer revealed a need to provide some financial support to a Biewer owner facing costly veterinary procedures. This particular seed of need was assessed and nurtured, then discussed on the Chat. As a result, we established the Biewer Terrier Foundation, a voluntary, non-profit fund of unsolicited contributions available to Biewer owners who need assistance in getting their dog the medical treatment they require.
  • We are not willing to rest on our achievements, so there is more coming this year! We plan on continuing to build our community in the coming year with the introduction of a quarterly newsletter beginning in September, following the Event. The name of our newsletter will be decided at the First Annual RMBTC Event.
  • Many of you and our members are interested in grooming, training, nutrition, and the tricks to taking beautiful pictures! We are establishing a video library where short videos of specific skills will be archived for members to reference over and over. So when you want to trim feet, tape ears, do a bath and brush out, put in the perfect ponytail, see exactly what a good sanitary trim looks like, or teach a trick, there will be a place to go at any time of the day or night.
  • Our store will continue to grow as we add new items and expand the items we offer our members. Our members have the best ideas and we want to hear from all of you! Such as the addition of a RMBTC wall calendar filled with Biewer pictures from all walks of life to assist us in keeping track of our busy lives.
  • Following the Event, we will be sending out a survey for feedback about the last year, as well as input for the next year. This is an exciting and transforming time for us as we reflect on everything we have already accomplished, and look forward to molding the shape and direction our Club will take in the future.    
One thing I know for sure is that we are very proud of our Club, our members, and all our dogs. We are grateful to have this opportunity to be part of a Club filled with generous, kind, and wonderful people. In the coming year, we will continue to grow and provide more information and activities for our members. How can we not? Our Biewers bring so much joy and happiness to our daily lives; it is bound to spill over to others. In summary, we have become the biggest Biewer Terrier Club in the world! We have the best members in the world!
We will be the best club for anyone wishing to join and will continue to create a friendly and better atmosphere for all to be welcomed too.
We are the Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club!
Lastly, Life is just better with a Biewer Terrier!

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