Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club

By-Laws Committee Meeting

04-13-2018 / 7:30 pm EST

Format: Conference Call (call in #: 605.472.5578 / access code: 578228)

Members Present: Faith Beam, Karen Hansen, Dale Johnson, Valorie Prulhiere, Polly Seaver, Darlene Stevens

Committee Mission: This committee is reviewing the by-laws template provided at initial meeting of The RMBTC. Through validation and modification, the By-Laws Committee will present the Board of Directors with a proposed By-Laws document that reflects the mission, vision, and values of the Club, which can subsequently be considered by the membership for adoption.

Summary of Work: Committee met for approximately 2 hours. During this meeting, Article 1 was reviewed in a detailed line-by-line manner. Some changes were made. Upon receipt of language from committee members, an updated version will be forward to committee members for review.

Next Meeting: Thurs 04/19/18 @ 7:30 pm EST (call in #: 605.472.5578 / access code: 578228)

Respectfully Submitted,

Valorie Prulhiere



Online Voting for 2-Year Club Board Election

85% of the membership participated the election via Facebook Poll and Comments. 

100% of the voting members voted for YES.

The 2-Year Club board expires April 10, 2020.

2018-2020 RMBTC-Board

2018-2020 RMBTC-Board

Karen Hansen,




Wednesday April 4, 2018


Wednesday April 4, 2018 

6:30 pm PST by Phone Conference on 605-472-5578

Present: Tustin Amole, Faith Beam, LaVon Euler, Randi Gerstenblatt, Jared Hansen, Karen Hansen, Babs Holtzman, Dale Johnson, Michele Lyons, Janice McMillan, Lynn Meyer, LaJune Mills, Valorie Pruhliere, Pamela Scott, Barbara Sherman, Andrea Smoak, Darlena Stevens

Minutes of last meeting:  None as first formal meeting

Report of Treasurer:  Dale Johnson, Acting Treasurer gave a report of the funds:
We currently have dues-paying members (42 single memberships and 2 family memberships). The gross funds collected is $2150.00. The only expenses were the fees paid to PayPal of $1.75 per individual membership and $1.03 for the family additions. The current balance in the account is $2,074.44.

New Business:  

  • Materials to be sent to new members-Discussion between the members was whether the budget allowed some consideration of tokens such as dog tags, pens, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and a welcome letter.   There was a discussion that the budget might be limited at this point to go beyond a few dollars per member.   The membership agreed that an immediate need was a “Welcome Letter” that could be send to all current new members and new members as they join.   Ms. Karen Hansen and other team members will start researching costs for appropriate tokens if it is found there is enough in the budget for new members.
    • Follow Up-Ms. LaVan Euler and Ms. Pam Scott agreed to work together to put together a draft for a “Welcome Letter”.   It is planned that Ms. Hansen will forward that to the Acting Board for review and then post to the “Members Only” website for further comment and review by members before implementing.
  • Bylaws-Discussion between members on the proposed Bylaws.   There were comments on Article II Section 1 to add the capacity to use WebEx or other such media for future meetings.  It was noted Bylaws reflected in person and phone conference but to consider adding WebEx to that section.  In addition, comment on Article II Section 2 that the Special Club Meetings requirement of 20% of members can cause issues and to consider changing that.  
    • Follow Up-Ms. Valorie Willis Prulhiere, and Ms. Faith Beam agreed to be on a committee (and welcome any others interested) to review the Bylaws as a Bylaws Committee and make recommendations on any suggested edits for the members to consider before the membership votes on the official Bylaws.
  • Focus for 2018-A discussion with a members on the priority goals that they wish to accomplish for the group in 2018.    It was discussed that many members are wanting to start planning very soon for a “Fun Event”.    A weekend at a hotel, state park, or other area where people can come with their dogs, have educational and fun events related to the Biewer Terrier.   It was made paramount that the main theme is for the “Love of the Biewer”.   There was a brief discussion that there are various other clubs that are associated with AKC, UKC and the International show forums and all members are encouraged to belong to them for show and recreational and community involvement purposes.    There did not appear to be any definite interest in wanting to achieve AKC regional club status at this point.  It was discussed that the Parent Club BTCA is not in a position yet to have Regional Clubs due to the new breed going forward with full acceptance process and that other regional status is related to an accepted breed, a group such as Toy Group, and/or All Breed.   There did not appear to be strong interest at this time, but consideration when appropriate would be considered.   Ms.  Michele Lyons mentioned that the group name would likely need to be changed to reflect the current availability of AKC Regional status of an all-breed, toy or rally group and would be limited to a geographical area for the members to some extent.    It was agreed to table the consideration of AKC regional status at this time.  Also, the group would like to be involved when appropriate in community affairs related to health, history and other care related issues of the Biewer.  
    • Follow Up-Ms. Faith Beam and Ms. Dale Johnson agreed to set up a survey for current members to poll what they want out of the group.   Such as Survey Monkey or other free survey program.    Ms. Karen Hansen was going to do some research on possible sites and dates for a “Fun Event” and other members stated they would do as all realized these things take time and need to get it planned sooner rather than later.
  • Elections-It was discussed that a few members of the appointed Board are no longer eligible due to work obligations or other situations to be able to continue much longer in the role.   Ms. Karen Hansen requested that the Acting Board members who wish to continue on the Board to let her know and any other member who would like to be on the Board.    Also, Ms. Michele Lyons would not be continuing past this current meeting as Acting Secretary due to work obligations.  
    • Follow Up-Ms. Karen Hansen, Acting President will send out an email to all the members inquiring who would like to serve on the Board long term.   If there are more inquiries than positions, Ms. Hansen will appoint a committee to put together a slate for runoff elections or consideration for appointed positions such as Historian and Social Relations, etc.  
  • Adjournment-Ms. Valorie Willis Prulhiere made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Ms. Barbara Sherman seconded it.    The members voted aye, no opposed.    The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted to the members to review and at the next scheduled formal meeting to vote on passing the minutes or to make any needed edits.

Michele Lyons,

Acting Secretary until 4/4/18