Confirmed have: Lavon, Ben, Dale, Randy, Jared, Karen, Pam, Doug, Belkis, Barbara, Laura, Eileen, Andrea, Polly (maybe), Lulu, George, Babs, Tustin, Michele, Lynn
Who would be available and willing to travel to Dolores September 7-9, 2018 to this location in Dolores Colorado?
The location costs $2000 a day plus $50 pet fee per room. They can sleep 40 people, dry camp for RV is $25.
Food is extra.
Airport is Durango, CO, 90 minutes to Location.
Major Airport would be Denver, CO, 7 hours to location.
Boutique Airline offers round trips for $183 from Denver to Cortez, CO, 20 minutes to location.
Check best flight prices here www.google.com/flights
Here is the Facebook Page for the location: https://www.facebook.com/SophiaRetreatCenter/
Here is the website for the location: http://sophiaretreatcenter.com

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