We are very excited to announce a new and different type of Biewer Club. It will be something for any Biewer lover, pet, show, fun, rally, etc. It is not meant to take the role of any other club set up within AKC, UKC, BCCA or other worthy Biewer fancier types of organization. We have more in common than what separates us. We are a place for likeminded people to work together to educate and be involved. We plan to have a fun event in 2018 catering to the pet and show person alike. In addition, we hope we can establish credibility as a group that comes together to have fun and assists with pulling the various Biewer interests together. It is hoped to be a fun and great club with one interest-Love of the Biewer. Our club is called Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club with a great new temporary board with a wide variety of experience to assist in making it a success. We will hold elections for the board once we get things started. We call it Rocky Mountain as that is the area of the country where the idea started. It is meant for anyone with any and all interest in the Biewer. Let us know what we can do for you!

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