As one of the acting Secretaries, I wanted to get a phone conference call set up for our first formal meeting for the Acting Board and members. I will provide a conference line for us all to use. Do you prefer a week night or a Saturday morning? We have people in different time zones so a weeknight would likely be 6:30 pm PST, 7:30 MST, 8:30 CST, and 9:30 EST and Saturday a 8 am PST, 9 MST, 10 CST, 11 EST. Likely 1 to 1.5 hours long. On the agenda we need to discuss possible bylaws, budget for greetings to new members, possible 2018 Fun Event, and most of all what do we want to be one of our main focus going forward with the breed? Do we want to become a regional AKC club, stay more an unaffiliated club at this point, and what other directions do you want the club to service for our membership and the Biewer community? I will send out an email earlier this week to all members with the dates and time and put it in here as an event. How does Wednesday 3/28 night or the week of 4/2 or Saturday 4/7 look like for the club members and Acting Board.

Thank you.

Michele Lyons
Acting Secretary 1 of 2

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