Board and Members: MARK YOU CALENDARS!
We are having our
first formal meeting by phone conference on Wednesday 4/4 at 6:30 pm PST, 7:30 MST, 8:30 CST and 9:30 EST. We will email you the call in conference number and code with a copy of the proposed Bylaws in the middle of the week. Please do not release the phone call in number to anyone outside the club at this time. We can have open forum meetings later if the membership wishes with those outside the club. Likely 1.5 hour meeting.

We have on the agenda:

1) Introduction of the Acting Board and Members;
2) Discussion of current funds and budget:
3) Do we want to send out a welcome package to members? Any volunteers to look into possible costs? What do we want to put as limit on costs if we want to do it?
4) Discussion of possible Bylaws-any motions for changes? If we receive several requests for edits by email prior to the meeting (proposed Bylaws will be sent out prior to this meeting), we may want to form a committee to review the edits and make recommendations after considering all the requests for edits.
5) Focus for 2018-What do we want to accomplish this year? Fun event? Seek regional AKC club status?
6) How long do we want the Acting Board to assist before elections?
7) Other agenda items to be sent by email by request from members.

Acting Secretary 1 of 2

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