The Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club was created as a forum to connect all Biewer owners and admirers for support, education, and fun. It originated in the Rocky Mountain region of the USA, hence the name. Since its beginning, the club has grown to include Biewer fanciers from around the world. The goal is to bring together people from all areas, interests and walks of life, both Biewer owners and anyone who likes the breed, to celebrate all things that make our Biewer Terriers special.
Our members are involved in many aspects of training, exhibiting at shows and Meet the Breed events, performance sports, sharing their dogs with others, and most of all, loving their dogs and enjoying their companionship. We also support the Biewer Terrier Foundation to assist Biewers in need.
The Members-Only Online Chat provides a safe, friendly, and entertaining place to ask questions, share information, resources, pictures, and videos, and participate in discussions with like-minded people. Our Facebook page keeps members connected and updated, and the club Website and group page offer answers to questions, training tips, and member insights. An annual gathering allows members to get together with their dogs for social activities, comradery, and fun!
The Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club is the place to be if you are interested in these delightful little dogs! Our global membership has a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, and knowledge. Everyone has something to share. We are a friendly, transparent, relaxed, fun group with the goal of promoting the Biewer breed and supporting happy, healthy, and well-balanced dogs! You will find information about how to join our Club on our Website.
The Biewer Terrier is a smart, loyal and friendly little dog with an outgoing, happy personality. While they are a terrier by name, they do not have the intense tenacity and stubborn nature of a terrier. Biewers have a fun-loving, child-like attitude that makes them a great companion for any age. They are easy-going, hardy, and sturdy dogs that get along fabulously with children and other pets in the family. Their small size, non-shedding coat, and modest need for exercise are perfect for living in an apartment or home and make them easy to take along when traveling.
Biewer Terriers typically weigh 4-8 pounds, with some being smaller and some larger. They have a soft, silky coat requiring weekly brushing. Because they are hypoallergenic, a Biewer may be the dog for those with allergies. Biewers have two color variations: black, white, and gold, or chocolate, white, and gold. Although they are small in size, they can often be found doing agility, obedience, therapy work, barn hunt, conformation, and many other jobs. As any Biewer owner will tell you, “Life is just better with a Biewer!” Or three… They can become addictive.